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slow down, 2021

2[picc.].2.2.2.  timp. +3. hrp. pn. str. 

The flow of thought during meditation. 9 min. 

Rain, thunder, lightning, 2020

picc.2.2.E.Hn.2.B.Cl.2.  timp. +3. pn. str. 

Awe to Jangma, Korean rainy season. 6 min.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Night, 1998  hrp. str.

The way I perceive four seasons. 16 min. 



The day before moving, 2022

for alto saxophonist and percussionist

Leaving Baltimore. 15 min. 

Bored Violinist, 2020

for violinist

An Die Music during COVID19. 5 min. 


Give me my leg back! (내 다리 내놔!), 2019

for soprano-narrator, alto fl. vc. perc.(snare drum, triangle, vibraphone), el.gui.

Based on the Korean folk tale that tells about the one terrible night journey. 10 min. 

Yeo-U Nu-I (Fox sister), 2019

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, cl.gui. 

Based on Korean folk tale that questions if you really know the person that is close to you.  8 min.

Dinner is Ready!, 2019

for percussionist and trombonist

Imagine your favorite food from childhood being cooked… 3 min. 

Dear father, 2019

Chamber opera for one soprano, one narrator, and a chamber ensemble

A Longing for education. 20 min. 

The Wolf and Seven Little Goats, 2000

Ballet for children. 27 min. 

Masha and Three Bears, 1998

Opera for children. 25 min.





exquisite creatures with fins and fronds, 2022

alto sax, pn, perc.

ft. Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

Inspired by the beauty of marine biodiversity. 7 min.

SN1054, 2020

string quartet

ft. Space Telescope Science Center

About people who observed the Supernova 1054. 11 min.

Jogakbo, 2019

fl, bn, hn.

Inspired by Korean traditional patchwork. 6 min. 

Day of the Sea; 13’, 2017.

fl. Bb cl. perc.(mar. glock.) vl. vc.

Colorful sea throughout a day. 13 min. 

Faint clocks strike as from olden days, 2018

mz.sop. fl. cl. vl. vc. perc.( pn.   

Inspired by a poem by H. Heine. 7 min. 


Solo & Duo

Solo & Duo

she birds, 2023


My bird(watch)ing experience. 6 min.  

walk like a wild animal, work in progress

mezzo-soprano, fixed media

about catcalls. commissioned by mezzo-soprano Maddalena Ohrbach 

Four short pieces for percussion, work in progress

mar. vib.

commissioned by percussionist Benjamin Giroux

Cooking & Gardening, 2022

classical guitar duo

cherishing ordinary days. 8 min. 

Iceberg, 2022


My experience being near an iceberg. 6 min.


Where the sun blazes like an immortal being, 2022


Inspired by the poem The Book of Life 생명의 서 by Korean poet Yu Chi-Whan. 5 min. 

Three images from Assateague Island, 2021

classical guitar

Based on three images from Assateague Island. 7 min.

Under the moonlight they sing and dance, 2020


Inspired by a Korean traditional dance Gang-Gang Sullae. 9 min. 


We practiced this every day!, 2020

Electric Gui. Pn.

Music about the synchronized swimmers. 6 min. 

Midnight Dance, 2020

D.B., perc. (timp. crot.).

Inspired by Korean traditional dance Salpuri 살풀이춤. 6 min. 

Writing a Letter on a Spring Night, 2019

alto sax, pn.

Music about uncertainty and longing. Homage to the Tatiana’s Letter Scene in opera Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky. 6 min. 


! , 2019

flute duet

Music about people daydreaming about beautiful places. 6 min. 

Puri, 2018


‘Puri’ means ‘unwinding’ in Korean. 5 min. 

Seya Seya, 2017

Timpani with crotales

Music lamenting people suffered from Donghak rebellion, 1894. 13 min. 

The King Turtle in the Turtle Pond, 2016

vl. pn.

Inspired by the turtle pond at UT Austin. 5 min.

For Children

For Children

솔솔짹짹숲 (Breezing and chirping forest), 2021

piano and narration

Musical story accompanied with narration and piano. 5 min.

Jazzy Little Composers, 2021

Piano, 4 hands

variation based on themes made by little composers. 4 min. 

Five Little Composers, 2020

vl. pn. 

variation based on themes made by little composers. 3 min.

Komaya Komaya, 2017

Piano, 4 hands

Music based on Korean nursery rhyme, exploring various styles in Western music history. 7 min. 

Juingong is my best friend, 2007

Children’s choir, pn. 

Music written for Hanmaum Zen Center summer camp. 3 min.

Five Little Pieces for Little Children, 2001

Piano, 4 hands
Collection of five miniatures - polka, waltz, march, canzone, tarantella. 6 min. 

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