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CNSNC (consonances in the word "Consonance") is a Baltimore-based collective of five composers (Zach Gulaboff Davis, Daniel Despins, Bobby Ge, Gu Wei, and Seo Yoon Soyoona Kim) that was founded in 2019 with the goal of presenting and promoting contemporary music to new audiences in the Baltimore area and beyond.

Consonance’s mission is to connect with a new generation of listeners through interactive concerts and multimedia collaborations. We partner with innovative musicians and nontraditional venues, prizing musicality and communicability in our work.  We eschew restrictive formalities and seek to engage communities in conversation, especially those not traditionally served. 

We believe that classical music is alive. It was not meant to be enshrined as a museum artifact, nor caged in ivory towers, nor used as a measure of learnedness. Our shared hope is that by the end of each program, at least one audience member has the realization that they, too, can be a composer.

2022.10. -  Group talk on CNSNC's visual album The Ocean's Cry . Fall donor appreciation dinner at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD.  

2022 06. - The Ocean's Cry - Ocean conservation.
with Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

2021 05. -  CNSNC's first public lecture - Finding the Music of the Spheres: Hearing Stars with Space Telescope Science Institute/Hubble Space Telescope Center ​

2021 03. - CNSNC's first album release - Hearing Stars
with Bergamot quartet & Space Telescope Science Institute

2020 03. - Remember to have Fun 
with a conductor Matthew Jenkins Jaroszewicz 

2019 12.  - PIQUE PLAYS CNSNC 
with Pique collective - a quintet of modern musicians

2019 05. - CNSNC Debut Concert
with Peabody musicians  ​

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